[SHOT 2018] NC STAR’s New Optics And Accessories

    NC Star has been working on improving their products. Yes they are made in China but so are Holosun and other products by more reputable optic makers. NC Star gets a bad reputation but they are innovating.

    I have been using their SPD (Solar Powered Dot) on my Sig MPX since May of last year and it has held up fine.

    Well NCStar has improved upon it with their SPD Combat optic which you see above. The AAA battery is no longer under the optic but along the side. This frees up the mount and now it is Aimpoint T1 compatible. One of the issues I had with the original SPD was the lack of mount versatility. The SPD Combat aesthetics were inspired by the StarWars X-Wing canopy and the turret cap is where the astromech would sit on an X-Wing. On either ends of the optic are prototype quick deployed lens covers.


    Remember their Flip Dot? Well they have made it larger for rifles.

    One very interesting design is the mount. The picatinny mount is removable and you can directly mount the folding dot sight to MLOK or Keymod. So you could position this at an offset if there is room on your handguard. Or if you have a rail that has Keymod or MLOK slots on top, there is no need to attach a rail and then the optic. Just mount this optic directly to the rail.


    For ban states they have their VAGPARCA grip. It is a good design and works well. For those of you who have ever tried such grips like the Monsterman grips or those Kydex wraps it is difficult to manipulate the rifle with one hand and reload. In some cases these grips reposition your firing hand, making it more difficult to press the magazine release.

    The reason the VAG Grip works better is due to the asymmetrical design of the fin and the thumb rest.


    With the fin offset you can get more of your hand onto the back of the grip. The thumb rest may seem mundane but it multiplies your grip force and makes it much easier to handle an AR-15 during a reload. 


    NCStar has improved their MagPopper Glock magazine disassembly tool. It now features a magnetic front sight tool, a punch, and a notch for striker disassembly.

    It pops the base plates off of Glock mags with ease. Here is a video of the old one.


    NCStar has developed a mounting system they call KPM (Keymod, Picatinny, MLOK). Where one device can attach to any of those three systems. Their new metal GoPro mount features the KPM mount.

    Do you see the plate with the MLOK lugs above? You unbolt that from the mount and flip it over to reveal Keymod which you see below.

    NCStar products are innovative and are worth taking a closer look.

    Nicholas C

    Steadicam Gun Operator
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