Flip Dot – A Folding Mini Red Dot

    NcStar’s division Vism has released it’s folding red dot sight. The Flip Dot is a mini red dot that fits RMR pattern pistols.


    Other than the neat gimmicky feature I do not see the point of this. The optic sits rather high and it has non adjustable rear sights molded into the housing. However it looks like the rear sights are blocked with the lens is folded down.

    If you watch the video, the release button is on the left hand side. As far as I can tell, it is not ambidextrous. So if you are a lefty, it will be a little more difficult to deploy this red dot.


    I wonder how well this red dot will hold up to a high round count? Would the constant slapping of the lens cause a failure?

    Of course the obvious question is “why have a folding red dot”? I am struggling to come up with a viable answer other than it looks cool. Micro Red dots like the RMR, FastFire, JPoint and others are small. Small enough that it is not that hard to conceal carry a slide mounted optic on a pistol.

    Actually one benefit to a folding red dot, is that if the lens hits an object, it will fold away and diminish the force on the lens potentially saving the lens.

    I could see this on a rifle as a backup red dot. Folding it would keep it out of the way just like folding BUIS. Then you can flip it out when you needed it.

    What do you think? Would you use this red dot?

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