ZRODELTA’s New Genesis Z9 Modular Pistol


    ZRODELTA Genesis Z9 Modular Pistol (ZRODELTA)

    At SHOT Show this week Texas-based ZRODELTA have launched their new Genesis Z9 modular pistol. ZRODELTA claim the Z9 is the world’s first fully modular pistol.

    Best known for their precision shooting accessories including optic mounts, muzzle brakes and bipods, the company recently announced the acquisition of North Carolina-based Critical Capabilities and War Sport Manufacturing. This has opened up their product lines and increased their manufacturing capability.


    ZRODELTA Genesis Z9 Modular Pistol (ZRODELTA)

    In a press release issued on the 22nd January, ZRODELTA claim that the new Genesis Z9 Glock-based modular system will “allow users to convert from compact to a full long slide race gun in seconds thanks to its Patent Pending Design.”

    The new 9x19mm pistol’s frame is made from Billet 7075 Aluminium and will be offered in a number of models including: Compact, Service and Race (long slide competition setup). The shooter will be able to increase the length of the Z9’s grip (from carry to full length), add a flared magazine well, as well as replace the front and back straps for increase ergonomic customisation.

    A recent instagram photo shows off the Z9 in its various configurations:

    Pat Harrigan, ZRODELTA’s CEO said the new pistol is “more modular, ergonomic, accurate, cross-platform, and cross-application compatible than any other pistol of its kind… its utility is truly groundbreaking.”


    ZRODELTA Genesis Z9 Modular Pistol (ZRODELTA)

    An interchangeable front portion of the frame will allow the pistol to also fit an integrated compensator for competition shooting. While ZRODELTA will be shipping their own proprietary slides for the Z9, it is compatible with all Glock gen 3 slides, with some models cut to take red dot pistol sights.

    ZRODELTA’s press release details the various parts that are stock and proprietary:

    Stock Glock® parts that will work on every variation:

    Gen 3 trigger packs
    Gen 3 trigger housing
    Trigger pin
    Slide catch
    Gen 3 Slide catch spring
    Slide stop assembly
    Trigger housing pin
    Mag release spring
    Glock/aftermarket magazines
    Glock/aftermarket gen 3 slides
    Glock/aftermarket slide internals

    Proprietary for Compact variation only:

    Recoil spring

    Proprietary parts for all configurations:

    Mag release
    Locking block
    Locking block pin
    RMR plate/Dummy plate (if using our slide)

    Proprietary for Race (Long Slide) variation only:

    Recoil spring

    ZRODELTA will be collaborating with industry partners to offer accessories and additional customisations.  MSRP starts at $1,299 and limited quantities of the Genesis Z9 are now available. With plans to ship the first production Z9s at beginning the end of Q2 2018.

    ZRODELTA are showing off the Z9 at this year’s SHOT Show, you can check them out at booth #15834. Nick C stopped by ZRODELTA’s booth and took a look at the Z9, you should definitely check out Nick’s write up here!

    For more information check out zrodelta.com


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