[SHOT 2018] CORE15 9mm PCC

    Everyone is getting into the pistol caliber carbine business. Core15 has just entered the market with their C9 rifle and pistol.

    The pistols will come with the SB Tactical PDW brace while the rifle has a Magpul CTR stock.Their C9 receivers are made out of billet aluminum and use Glock magazines. What sets CORE15 apart are some of the smaller details that other 9mm ARs do not have.

    The C9 are ambidextrous. While ambi safeties are nothing new in PCC, an ambi mag release certainly is.

    CORE15 even made the bolt release ambidextrous. Sure you can have something along the lines of a BAD Lever but this is a better solution. It reminds me of the PDQ ambi bolt release and if it is, then it is am ambi bolt catch as well. Simply lift up while pulling the charging handle and it will lock the bolt back. The C9s even have last round bolt hold open, a feature only found on a couple of 9mm PCCs.

    The most interesting feature is their BCG that features a traditional plunger style ejector rather than the fixed ejector more commonly seen on PCC AR lowers. Unfortunately this bolt will not work in another PCC since the left side channel at the bottom of the BCG does not exist due to the incorporation of the plunger ejector. There was not enough material to have the channel and the ejector.

    The C9 rifles will be $1349 and the pistols will be $1499. I would have liked to have seen them incorporate a flared mag well as that has been a very popular accessory when shooting PCC in USPSA. Just like on a pistol, the flared mag well on PCC helps aid in faster reloads and time is crucial in USPSA.

    Nicholas C

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