[SHOT 2018] Ruger’s PC9 Carbine & Other MOST WANTED Firearms from Range Day

    PC9 Carbine

    Ruger has a LOT of new firearms that they are introducing to consumers for 2018, but some of them tower in popularity above others. It was pretty easily recognizable by how long the lines were to shoot and test firearms at SHOT Show’s Industry Day at the Range. The number one firearm on that list is easily the PC9 Carbine that, like a phoenix, has risen again from the ashes.

    ruger pc9 carbine

    The PC9 Carbine will be available in two basic configurations: a 17 round magazine rifle and a 10 round magazine model for people who live in lesser fortunate states. Either model of the PC9 Carbine will take Glock 9mm pattern magazines or your Ruger SR9 magazines by utilizing an interchangeable mag well. The 17 round magazine PC9 Carbine is threaded for all of your silencer fun while the 10 round magazine model is not.

    PC9 Carbine

    The iron sights are tall enough to see over most silencers, but you do also have a full length rail over the receiver to add any optics you may desire.

    Expect this rifle to be very hard to get throughout 2018 because the industry is absolutely buzzing over talk of this rifle. The MSRP is established at $649 which is very respectable, but until supply is high you may see pricing even higher than that.

    ruger precision rifle (rpr)

    Another obvious headliner for Ruger will continue to be the Precision Rifle. One small alteration will be made to the Ruger Precision Rifle (RPR) in 2018 and that is the free-float handguard is switching over from a Keymod system to the more popular M-LOK. Otherwise, the functionality, sexiness and features of the RPR will remain the same.

    PC9 Carbine

    A closer look at the M-LOK free-float handguard can be seen below.

    PC9 Carbine

    With the amount of chassis rifles flooding the market this year it will be interesting to see if the RPR remains at the top for budget-minded, long-range shooters or if another brand’s rifle climbs to the top. The current MSRP of the Ruger Precision Rifle is set at $1,599.

    ruger super redhawk 10mm

    The year 2018 might be christened the “Year of the 10mm” in the handgun world because we are seeing it flourish in both semi-auto and revolver platforms. Ruger has officially produced a Super Redhawk in 10mm that accepts moonclips to follow that bandwagon. This revolver, because of the burgeoning popularity of the 10mm cartridge, should sell extremely well for Ruger. With a 6 round cylinder capacity, adjustable rear sight and cushioned, rubber grips it offers a solid platform for both hunters and target shooters. The Ruger Super Redhawk 10mm currently retails for $1,159.

    PC9 Carbine

    Ruger Mark iv 22/45 lite .22 lR

    The Ruger Mark IV pistols have been out a little while now, but they continue to offer new configurations for consumers to enjoy their plinking at the range with. The latest model introduced is the Mark IV 22/45 LITE that features a threaded barrel for silencers and a see-through/ventilated/tacti-cool barrel. With more and more consumers searching out pistol options that offer threaded barrels, this model of the Mark IV has the potential to be very popular in 2018. It is very light (err, we mean LITE), has the new Mark IV easy dis-assembly process and of course, it is threaded for all your silencers.

    The Ruger Mark IV 22/45 LITE will retail for $559. The model available at SHOT Show’s Industry Day at the Range to shoot was Ruger’s Diamond Gray Anodized model. In all, Ruger will have the Mark IV 22/45 LITE available in 6 different colors all with that same MSRP of $559.

    PC9 Carbine

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