Taurus’ Line-Up Continues to Grow with NEW 1911 Officer .45 ACP

    1911 Officer

    As we are now merely days away from SHOT Show 2018, Taurus has begun to slowly leak more and more of their new firearms. We previously covered their announcement of a 1911 Commander model with a 4.2″ barrel. Now Taurus has announced a 1911 Officer model that has a non-traditional 3 1/2″ barrel.

    Up until this last week, Taurus had only produced government-sized, or 5″ barreled 1911 models. Now, with the addition of a commander and officer to their line-up, they have the 3 basic configurations of a 1911 for consumers.

    At this time, Taurus does not have an MSRP stated for either the 1911 Commander or this new 1911 Officer. They also do not have a formal specification sheet finalized, or at least one out in public circulation.

    Like the 1911 Commander they ushered in a few days ago on their Facebook page, the 1911 Officer has the same stylings and aesthetic appearance as the rest of their line-up. Some may consider this a positive if you already own Taurus 1911s and would appreciate completing a matching set. Conversely, it would be nice to see Taurus step out on a limb and do something a little more unique and creative with their pistols.

    Taurus does not have a press release statement at this time, but they did have this to say on their Facebook page along with a video portraying the new model with a simple side-profile image.

    Introducing the Taurus 1911 Officer!

    The 1911 aficionado will recognize the Taurus 1911 Officer model in .45 ACP as the perfect sidearm for personal protection or off-duty carry. This concealable 6+1 round pistol offers reliable carry with an affordable pricetag. The 3-1/2” barrel is the shortest in the Taurus 1911™ line with an overall length of 7.2”, making it the perfect companion for carry, self defense or home use.

    Stick with our Facebook page during #SHOTShow for our Facebook Live videos, featuring the Taurus 1911 Officer and other new products.

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