Updated KNS Precision Adjustable AK Gas Piston

    KNS Precision has a different approach in making the AK gas system adjustable. The most frequently seen way is to design an adjustable gas block. What makes the KNS Precision solution different is that they have incorporated the gas system adjustability into the gas piston design!

    The variety of length options should allow finding a suitable one for virtually any length AK gas system.                                  Images by KNS Precision

    OK, so why do we even need to adjust the AK gas system? Why do we need to fix a rifle that is known for working well? The answer is – mainly for efficiently suppressing it. Normally AK rifles are overgassed due to the large gas port and non-adjustable system. Along with other design features, it ensures the reliability of the weapon in various environmental conditions. However, suppressors add even more back pressure and make it even more overgassed resulting in increased gas flow back to the shooter and making it a more violent, harsher recoiling action. That’s where the capability to adjust the gas system becomes a handy feature. Such adjustability can also be useful if you are reloading your ammunition and experimenting with different loads. You can tailor the system to work perfectly with your hand loaded ammunition.

    KNS precision introduced the first version of this piston earlier in 2017 and recently they came up with an updated one which is a more refined design.

    The KNS Precision AK adjustable gas piston is made of stainless steel and has a nitrided surface treatment/finish. You will need some basic tools to remove the stock piston and attach the KNS Precision piston to the bolt carrier. The adjustment doesn’t require a use of tools. It is accomplished by screwing the middle collar up and down the piston shaft thus closing or exposing the vent holes and adjusting the amount of gas that passes through the hollow piston head. Here is a video by JMac Customs showing how to install this piston and how to adjust it.

    The KNS Precision AK adjustable gas piston is listed on the manufacturer’s website with a “coming soon” status. It will be available for AKM, AK-74 and PSL types of AK rifles. The price varies from $149 to $165 depending on which one of the mentioned three weapons it is made for. Being made in the USA (and patent pending) this gas piston also counts as a 922r compliance part.

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