SR1 Balanced Action Competition Rifle by Kalashnikov Concern

    SR1 is a balanced action rifle made by Kalashnikov Concern for the competition shooting market. We have earlier reported about this rifle which was shown during the Arms & Hunting 2017 exhibition. A couple of days ago, Kalashnikov Media released a video showing the pre-production prototype and revealing more details about this gun. To watch that video, click the link below:

    The balanced action system utilizes a counterweight of the same mass as the bolt carrier group, linked to the latter and moving in the opposite direction. This system proved to provide a better controllability in full auto fire especially with the SCHV (Small Caliber, High Velocity) cartridges such as the 5.56x45mm or 5.45x39mm. For a typical civilian firearm with no full auto fire capability, the advantages of the balanced action mechanism are minimal. However, competition shooters can gain benefits from the balanced action because they are shooting the semi-auto firearms so fast that a more controllable mechanism can really make a difference.

    Here is an animated image of the balanced action:

    The SR1 rifle is chambered in .223 Remington. It has an AR-15 style magazine well which, according to Kalashnikov Concern, can take any AR-15 magazine.

    Controls of this firearm are different from those seen on ordinary AK rifles. The round knurled button on the receiver (see the image below) is a cross bolt safety. The rectangular serrated button in the middle is the magazine release button and the paddle at the bottom is the bolt catch/release. The magazine release, bolt catch and the charging handle are ambidextrous.

    The SR1 also features a free floated handguard. It comes with an ergonomic pistol grip which can be changed to any other aftermarket AK grip. The AR-15 buffer tube adapter positions the stock slightly higher than the conventional stocks are thus aiding the controllability, too.

    The Picatinny rail on top of the dust cover is advertised to provide a robust scope mounting platform reliably holding the zero. The dust cover is attached and tensioned on the receiver via a lever on its rear right side.

    This incredibly interesting and unique mechanism of operation must make this rifle an extremely desirable one for any firearms enthusiast even if you are not a competition shooter.

    UPDATE: Kalashnikov Concern uploaded the video to YouTube. You can find it embedded below.

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