Kalashnikov Concern News – Rifles [Arms & Hunting 2017]

    TFB is attending the Arms & Hunting 2017 exhibition held in Moscow, Russia. We’ll be publishing the most interesting news seen during that event. In this article, we’ll take a look at Kalashnikov Concern’s rifle and PCC news and talk about some details of earlier released firearms.

    The top rifle in the above image is called SR1. It is a balanced action rifle chambered in .223 Rem. Although the balanced action system is mostly useful for full-auto bursts and provides little to no benefits for single shot firing, it still makes a huge difference in competition shooting. Those competition guys are shooting their rifles so fast that sometimes it even comes close to the full-auto rate. So the balanced action really helps there.

    The bottom rifle is chambered in new .366 TKM caliber. It has been shown earlier and should become available for the Russian market soon. One of the advantages of Kalashnikov’s entry into the .366 TKM market is that they have developed magazines with internal geometry changed to fit the large .366 projectiles thus eliminating the problem that occurs when trying to load the standard AK magazines to full capacity with the .366 TKM cartridge.

    Last, but not least, the middle rifle with the KeyMod handguard is a result of the collaboration of Kalashnikov Concern and Sureshot Armament Group. The handguard is made by SAG and factory installed in Kalashnikov Concerns. It is a free floated handguard. Saying that a gas piston operated firearm barrel is free floated is arguable. At any rate, the SAG handguard doesn’t touch the barrel or gas piston mechanism.

    Another interesting feature of this rifle is the adjustable gas block.

    There is also a built-in scope rail, Krebs style safety selector lever, ergonomic grip and collapsible AR-style stock as shown in the image below.

    Kalashnikov Concern has also introduced a couple of versions of Saiga-9 9mm carbine. One is a competition ready carbine with a tubular handguard and the second one features a railed handguard and a fake suppressor dedicated for the civilian market and combining the nice tactical look with the legal barrel length.

    The handgun news of Kalashnikov Concern will be published in a separate article.

    Many thanks to Hayk A. for the assistance during the Arms & Hunting 2017 exhibition.

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