There’s a new B&T firearm just released on the Swiss B&T website, literally minutes ago.

    The GHM9 Compact is available in Switzerland and the EU, and it looks sexy. Will it come to the US?

    We know that B&T release their firearms nationally first, then within the EU.

    Most of the time B&T also release their new firearms in the USA, so it is fair to assume that it will happen soon with the GHM9 Compact as well.

    There is a also a rumor that B&T will start manufacturing of firearms in the USA, but they have to be sure that the quality is maintained as the Swiss quality they are known and respected for.

    The price is 1,600 Swiss Francs, which would be about the same in USD. Frankly I don’t think this is expensive at all, it seems cheap for a firearm manufactured in Switzerland and I would buy one in an instant if the Government allowed me.


    The GHM9 compact, as described by B&T (and as auto-translated by Google).


    The GHM9 Compact is a sporty 9 x 19 mm carbine with an integrated folding shoulder rest. The GHM9 Compact is perfect as a cheap and sporty semi-automatic for dynamic disciplines but also just for fun shooting.

    Note the possibility to add a suppressor, another B&T specialty.

    Below: GHM9 Compact with the optional telescopic stock.

    You can get the GHM9 Compact with sound suppressor (signature suppressor), double magazine (clamped) and telescopic stock. You’ve heard me say this before, it’s a great stock. Aimpoint Micro on top.


    Auto-translated from the Swiss Homepage (German):


    Characteristics/caliber: 9 x 19 mm

    Semi-automati. Closed bolt blowback operation

    Length min./max 371 mm / 598 mm

    Width 69 mm

    Height 274 mm (including 30-round magazine and open sights)

    Barrel length:  110 mm

    Weight: 2.3 kg (including 30-round magazine)

    Suppressor connection ½ “-28 UNEF

    Ambidextrous controls

    Magazine: 15, 20, 25 and 30 shots, semi-transparent plastic magazines

    Options: 30 round magazine, carrying strap, suitcase, manual


    Below: Optional ergonomic buttstock.


    GHM9 Compact

    Below: YouTube -This is not the compact version, but it gives you an idea. B&T GHM9 9mm Pistol with Tailhook Brace, the compact’s big sister GHM9 with a 175 mm barrel.

    B&T USA has released it’s new GHM9 pistol chambered in 9mm. The GHM9 is affordable and made to typical B&T and Swiss standards. Some complained early on that the GMH9 wouldn’t feed hollow points, so we test this out on a new production B&T GHM9

    EDIT: And, of course, TFBTV’s take on it:  “B&T GHM-9: Is This the Best Pistol Caliber Carbine to Date? (4K UHD)”

    You can check B&T’s homepage and the new “Compact” at this direct link.

    Unfortunately the national firearms laws prohibit me from buying this B&T, but if I could I would not be able to resist. How about you?

    EDITOR’S NOTE: This originally posted last week, but a scheduling change took it offline. Our apologies.

    Eric B

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