New Heckler & Koch Product Photos Emerge – HK233, HK433, HK416 & HK417!

    Heckler & Koch's HK233 (Oliver Louven)

    Some absolutely great new photos of part of Heckler & Koch’s product range have emerged. Taken by German photographer Oliver Louven, a Bundeswehr veteran, the photos feature a plethora of Heckler & Koch’s current range of small arms.

    Louven, an accomplished photographer, has worked for a number of manufacturers inluding H&K, Sauer, Zeiss and Hornady. The following photos come from two sections for product and ‘application’ photography, first up the HK416F-C, the ‘C’ or Court (French for short) model of the French Army’s newly adopted rifle has an 11 inch barrel.


    Right side profile shot of the HK416F-C with grip pod and (Oliver Louven)

    Stylised shot of the left side of the HK416F-C with an Aimpoint COMPM5 (Oliver Louven)

    Operators with HK416Fs, both the 11″ barrel ‘C’ and the standard 14.5” barrel on point (Oliver Louven)

    Foreground: HK416F-C with HK269/M320 grenade launcher attached (Oliver Louven)


    Sadly, Louven has only shared one photo of H&K’s latest, the HK433, the rifle appears to be a 12.5″ barrel variant also mounted with an Aimpoint. Full technical details on the HK433 are available on H&K’s site  here.

    Right side profile of the HK433 (Oliver Louven)


    Next up is the, 7.62x51mm chambered, HK417A2 complete with H&K’s new style fore-end, B&T Rotex-V .308/7.62mm suppressor, optic and bipod for the designated marksman role. The HK417 is currently being examined and adopted by the US army as the M110A1.

    Right side profile of the HK417A2 (Oliver Louven)

    Action shot of a designated marksman getting on target in some woodland (Oliver Louven)


    The final rifle showcased is a rare treat, as few decent photos of it are widely available. H&K’s revamped G36, the HK233, is shown both in profile and in action. Technical details on the HK233 can be found on H&K’s site here.

    Right side profile of a HK233 equipped with a Aimpoint, grip pod foregrip (Oliver Louven)

    ‘In-action’ shot of a 18.9″ barrel HK233 (Oliver Louven)

    HK SFP9

    Finally, we have some shots of the HK SFP9, marketed in the US as the VP9, which has recently been procured by Berlin’s police force.

    Left side beauty shot of the SFP9, note the button rather than paddle mag release (Oliver Louven)

    Operator transitioned to his SFP9 (Oliver Louven)


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