Up To 10 YouTube Channels to Collaborate on Making a Week by Week WW2 Documentary

    Indy Neidell, the host of “The Great War” YouTube channel, has announced about his plans to start a new project similar to The Great War but telling about the WW2 in the same week by week fashion. This time they are planning to make it a much larger project covering a wide variety of topics. This new project is called TimeGhost and it will be a collaboration of up to 10 famous YouTube channels.

    Images by TomeGhost

    The Great War already has an experience of collaboration with other channels. For example, the special episodes covering the small arms of various WW1 powers were filmed with C&Rsenal.

    The 2018 is almost here which means the WW1 “will end soon”. It was requested multiple times by the fans of the channel to make a similar one covering the WW2. Not only they have decided to start this 6-year project, but they are going to make it an unprecedented gun media collaboration involving some of the popular YouTube channel. Right now InRange TV and Real Engineering has joined this project. Here is the InRange TV video announcement.

    To fund this kind of large and ambitious project, they have started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Let’s watch the introduction video from the crowdfunding campaign.

    Amazing news! I have no doubt that every firearms and military history enthusiast will enjoy this project. Let’s just hope they won’t wait until 2039 to start it 🙂

    Hrachya H

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