C&Rsenal & The Great War Bring us British Weapons of World War 1

    Burgeoning channels The Great War and C&Rsenal continue to expand their partnership on coverage of the First World War in ever more interesting ways. While C&Rsenal focuses on individual weapons in their deep-dive “Primers”, The Great War continues to put their use into an extremely large picture perspective. Fortunately for us, we do not have to parts the micro and macro by watching both and the two channels partner on live streaming episodes that give a broader view with details of weapons from individual countries in World War One.

    Their latest entry is perhaps the most anticipated given the UK’s close weapons association with the war. While French and Austro-Hungarian weapons performed well for those of us here in the United States, we associate the war with the German Mauser, the British Short Magazine Lee-Enfieldd, and the US Model 1903 Springfield.

    In the latest episode, Indy and Othias cover the SMLE, but also go into detail on weapons fielded that do not get much credit, including the venerable (and underrated) Pattern 14. But perhaps the most interesting feature of the video was the coverage of an issued semi-automatic handgun fielded by the Royal Navy and usurped by the Royal Flying Corps – the Webley Self-Loader.

    The full video is below, which will likely pique the interest of any firearms buff, requiring many more hours to be spent on YouTube on both C*Rsenal and The Great War. 

    Nathan S

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