Military Arms Channel And TFBTV Travel To Slovenia For An AREX Factory Tour

    As part of a star-studded cast (i.e. James Reeves), Tim Harmsen from the Military Arms Channel traveled to Slovenia for a tour of AREX’s pistol manufacturing facility. Besides a detailed look at the AREX Rex Zero-1, the new tournament-ready Rex Alpha and quality time with the crew of Polenar Tactical, MAC and crew went on a hunt for wild Russian Boars.

    The video, shot by Tim’s teammate Phil Yunker of Vanguard Media, is a high-quality production that dives in to the meticulous manufacturing of AREX’s line of pistols. In fact, MAC put 1,000 rounds through an imported Rex without a single failure or stoppage over a very short amount of time.

    If you are jonesing for additional James R. facetime and looking to watch an all around solid video, check out the embedded MAC link below.



    If you don’t already, head over to the Military Arms Channel on YouTube and give them a follow. Tim’s reviews are always thorough and refined. Also check out their retail firearms site Copper Custom.

    We pack our bags and meet up with the good folks at FIME Group and AREX in Slovenia for a factory tour! Yup, had the distinct pleasure of taking a tour with some other media folks including our friend James from TFBTV. The Polenar Tactical guys were on hand too!

    We take you through the AREX factory, the home of the AREX Rex Zero 1S pistol and show you how these guns are made. We also show you some new products you can expect to see in 2018!

    And of course, give James and TFBTV some love as well.


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