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Slovenian Special Forces POTD: The FN F2000 S in Black & White POTD: Slovenian Police with HK416A5, G28 and FN F2000S POTD: Slovenian Soldiers with FN F2000S POTD: Rain, Dirt, Gas - U.S. Army Paratroopers in Slovenia Slovenian Armed Forces with the FN F2000 S POTD: Slovenian Armed Forces with FN F2000 Rifles TINCK Arms Develops Direct Impingement AK Rifle POTD: FN F2000 at NATO enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Latvia

Benelli Flying Shotgun

Polenar Tactical tried to beat Instructor Zero’s time of 8 shots in 1.41 secs with his Benelli M4. Polenar is using a Benelli M3. However they soon learn there is something wrong with their Benelli M3. They can only go so fast before the gun fails. Oh and it is [Read More…]

REX Zero-1 Pistol (Slovenia)

The REX ZERO 1 pistol is a new conventional hammer-fired steel pistol made in Slovenia by REX Firearms. We don’t have a lot of information about this pistol, or even the manufactures website address. What we do know is that it is probably chambered in 9mm NATO, [Read More…]