The Perfect Christmas Gift For That Special Operator in Your Life: A Chocolate MPX

    Chocolate SIG Sauer MPX (SIG Sauer)

    Christmas is coming. But what do you buy the operator that has everything? He/she has every kind of 5.11 khakis available, caps from every major firearms manufacturer (including Hi-Point), a dozen pairs of tactical gloves, their gun safes are full and they even have one of those cool Magpul phone cases.

    So what do you get them? For a limited time¬†SIG Sauer had the answer.¬†Just in time for the festive season, as part of their Six Days of SIG, they offered an exact replica of the pistol variant of their popular MPX pistol calibre carbine – made from solid chocolate. While the Chocolate MPX is sadly no longer available SIG Sauer aren’t the first to offer edible replicas of firearms – sell a pretty impressive chocolate 1911. Or how about another of John Browning’s (apparently just as popular in chocolate as in reality) designs – the FN Model 1905 from Li-Lac Chocolates. This isn’t the first time TFB have reported on chocolate firearms either, back in 2011 we posted about the now sadly-discontinued, Choc-Glock.

    Chocolate 1911 – John Browning would be so proud (ChocolateWeapons)

    Sadly, the product page for the chocolate MPX was light on detailed specs, it’s unknown if the pistol was suppressor ready, gluten free or if a solid chocolate arm brace is planned for the future. We do know, however, that the chocolate replica weighed 2lbs (3lbs lighter than the real thing) and doesn’t appear to have come with back up irons.

    The Chocolate MPX – available on the 3rd day of SIGmas… (SIG Sauer)

    Compliant in all 50 states with no paperwork required, the chocolate MPX cost just $79.00. Sadly, it was only available while stocks lasted and the item page has since expired. But who knows you might be able to find one on Proxibid. What guns would you like to see recreated in chocolate? Let us know in the comments!

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