Chocolate & Soap Glock. Lawsuit waiting to happen? is selling a nifty chocolate replica of a full size Glock pistol made from one pound of chocolate. The “gun” is even shipped in an authentic looking foam lined pistol case! At $30, it would make a great gift for a gun nut.

    If your gun nut friend does not like chocolate, or is in need of a shower, the company also sells soap Glocks.

    The mould for both the soap and chocolate pistols appears to have been made from a third-generation Glock. I am not a lawyer, but this looks like a trade dress lawsuit waiting to happen. In 2010 Glock settled a lawsuit against Austrian Sporting Arms, who were importing the ISSC M22 pistol, a pistol which had a distinct resemblance to the Glock. If you are wanting a soap Glock pistol, buy it now before Glock hears about it.

    [ Many thanks to Nugroho for emailing me the link. ]

    Steve Johnson

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