The new Vihtavuori High Energy reloading powder: N565

    Vihtavuori – just a bit hard to pronounce for anyone not born and fluent in Finnish – but they make great reloading powders.

    They have just released the N565, which is their new High Energy powder.

    The N565 is designed to fill the gap between the Vihtavuori N560 and N570 high energy rifle powders.

    The N565 was created specifically for the .338 Lapua Magnum with 250 gr bullets.

    But the N565 is not limited to one caliber, it should work well with calibers such as the 7mm Rem. Magnum, the .30-06, .300 Win Mag, .300 Norma Mag as well as the .338 Norma Mag.

    In addition to a precisely tailored burn rate, this powder is extremely temperature stable, giving uniform results across a wide range of environments. They have also incorporated improved hygroscopic stability and a new decoppering agent to ensure a cleaner barrel when shooting.

    I almost read that as the powder will clean my rifle, but they’re not entirely there yet. The more you shoot, the cleaner the rifle gets, is still a dream.

    The N565 grains have the same size as those of the N560 powder. It flows smoothly through powder measures and ensures good load-ability and uniformity. The burn rate of the powder is a bit closer to N570, roughly splitting the difference between the two. Vihtavuori N565 is a single perforated extruded powder, having a bulk density of 960 g/l and an energy content of 4000 J/g.

    Developed specifically for military sniping applications, N565 also has a wide range of sporting uses, particularly within long range shooting.

    Below: YouTube: “A peek into production at Vihtavuori! The production of our top-quality reloading powders is a process involving dozens of phases and tests. This video is a little intro into some of those phases.

    The Vihtavuori N565 reloading powder will be available in 2018. Reloading data will be coming soon too.

    You can check their homepage here.

    Eric B

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