TFB Exclusive: Interview with Dallas Jolley of Advanced Firearm Accessories

    Dallas Jolley

    Advanced Firearm Accessories (AFA), LLC is becoming widely known for their AF Loader which is the world’s first automated speedloader for handgun magazines. We first ran an article about AFA LLC and their marvelous automated speedloader back on September 26th. A short time thereafter while utilizing a site called IndieGoGo to crowdfund their endeavors, they watched that stream of funding resounding slam shut. No forewarning. No nothing.

    To have all the campaigning you have worked for to develop and release a product suddenly evaporate into thin air is pretty horrific… to state it lightly.

    We got in touch with Dallas Jolley, CEO and Lead Designer of AFA LLC, to see where the company is now headed, what they have up their sleeve and what they have done since the turmoil they experienced while trying to bring a product to market.

    Adam, TFB: First off, I want to thank you for returning my communication through Facebook! I’d still like to ask you a few questions. Since you said your focus has shifted, can you specifically name the products you’re working on now? Do you have any specification sheets? YouTube videos? Or extra information you can provide?…
    Dallas, AFA LLC: Around the time we put out the first version of the loader, we started developing IIIA bullet resistant jackets. Something that can be easily worn over clothing and be inconspicuous while doing so. This project will be going to Kickstarter on November 7th with a modest goal of $25K USD. The website will go live at at the same time. We have been in contact with Kickstarter and are assured there will be no issues with us selling this type of product. Just like the loader these will be made in house aside from the manufacturing of the ballistic material. The campaign is meant only as a pre-order to gain interest while we prepare for production in January. We have a facebook page up now at Currently we have six different styles. All jackets are NIJ IIIA rated up to .44 Magnum and utilize DuPont K29 Kevlar. Full coverage. Shoulder to waist and all the way around the torso. Most jackets from XS to L weigh less than 3lbs. Jackets will be priced at $299 and overcoats $399.
    Adam, TFB: Are you seeking any legal action against IndieGoGo?
    Dallas, AFA LLC: We will not be seeking action against Indiegogo. One of the main goals of the campaign was to get the word out and for most part, it served that purpose well. With the additional funding we’ve received, we don’t see it being a productive use of time and money.
    Adam, TFB: Will you be attending SHOT Show this year?
    Dallas, AFA LLC: As far as SHOT, we have been Tier 2 wait listed. We hope to be there and visit as many different events next year as possible.
    Adam, TFB: Do you have a new website you are utilizing to crowdfund?
    Dallas, AFA LLC: The loader campaign is no longer happening, but the loader is still coming. We generated enough interest for our investors to fund the additional equipment we needed. We always had the ability to make the loader, just not at a rate we deemed acceptable. Until now we have been primarily an automotive plastics parts manufacturer and we couldn’t take on more products without another injection machine, which the campaign was funding. Loaders should be ready for shipment at the end of March ’18. We will be taking pre-orders on our website,, starting November 10th. The portal will accept PayPal and CC, and buyers are welcome to call us to order over the phone. Pre-orders can be cancelled at any time and will not slow the project.
    Through lots of social media “Tag! You’re it”  and trying to get ahold of each other, we at TFB were able to talk to Dallas Jolley about the AF Loader, AFA LLC and some of their side projects. They have expressed their great thanks in those who have contributed to their efforts thus far. Whether that be financially, by visiting their webpages or by sharing their videos throughout social media. Dallas is truly a difficult man to get ahold of, but to his credit he and all of his team at AFA LLC are burning the midnight oil trying to bring some pretty innovative and wicked products to market. We would like to publicly thank Dallas, AFA LLC and everyone behind the scenes at AFA for allowing us to get a little more private with them and share this with our readers.

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