IndieGoGo SUSPENDS Firearm Related Crowdfunding Projects; AF Loader Loses ALL Funding Raised


    AFA LLC, the company with an automated pistol magazine loader, was utilizing IndieGoGo’s website to crowdfund their project of the AF Loader. Like many small companies and start-ups, cash flow is not always in an abundance when you are starting out. As a result, they looked to IndieGoGo’s platform to help kickstart their project.

    With no warning at all and virtually no explanation after the fact, their crowdfunding project for the AF Loader was suspended. This can be seen by attempting to visit AF Loader‘s former IndieGoGo site.


    The highlighted yellow box simply implies their crowdfunding project was ended because of a violation of the Terms of Use of the site. The infraction that likely ended the funding round for AF Loader can be read below.


    Regardless, it appears that AFA LLC was pretty much blindsided by all of this. We at TFB have attempted to reach out to them through multiple channels including social media and e-mail and have yet to receive any type of response.

    The only explanation that can be found on their behalf is on their Facebook page.

    Indiegogo has banned all weapon accessories. We are thinking of a solution now. Anyone who contributed to the campaign, please contact us!… They refunded everyone. We have no access to the campaign so our entire list of contributors is gone. We don’t have any names, numbers or addresses… They are going to get some bad press.

    All of the individuals who contributed to the crowdfunding project have been refunded their money, but AFA LLC has no access to a donor list. Now that the campaign has been cancelled they have no way of following up to attempt to progress their project forward financially.

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