CCI Polymer Coated .22 LR Ammunition

    CCI has introduced .22 LR ammunition with polymer coated bullets. Although the polymer coating is nothing new in the industry, looks like nobody has commercially offered polymer coated .22 LR before. These CCI cartridges are loaded with 40-grain bullets traveling at a muzzle velocity of 1,235 fps.

    Images by 22plinkster

    The 22plinkster YouTube channel has released a video review where the host of the channel test fires these rounds both in a rifle and a pistol. He also disassembles the suppressor after a shooting session with this ammunition showing the advantage of decreased lead fouling. Let’s watch that video.

    The polymer coating of lead bullets creates a thin film of polymer on the outer surface of the bullet. It works as a lubricant and protective layer decreasing the friction between the bullet and bore and decreasing the fouling of the barrel. As mentioned above, It is also good for shooting with suppressors. According to 22plinkster, this polymer coated .22 LR ammunition decreases the fouling in the bore and in suppressors by roughly 30-40%, which means you’ll have to clean them less frequently.

    Right now this ammunition is available on MidwayUSA website at $19.99 for a box of 300. It comes bulk packed in Christmas themed packages as shown in the images and video.

    I think for virtually any use, the polymer coated lead projectiles are better than the conventional one. Why didn’t anyone offer such .22 LR ammo before?

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