Two New Phase 5 Stock Kits: Carbine Mini Stock and Rifle Mini Stock

    Phase 5 Kits

    Phase 5 Weapon Systems, Inc. (Phase 5) announced a pair of new stock kits that are based on the recently introduced Mini Stock. The Mini Stock is a minimalist style stock designed to work with the company’s hexagonal buffer tubes as well as most round tubes. One of the kits is called the Carbine Mini Stock Assembly and the other is called the Rifle Mini Stock Assembly.

    The Carbine Mini Stock Assembly comes with the typical components one might expect in a buffer tube kit: carbine buffer and spring, castle nut and end plate. The kit also comes with the company’s HexOne tube. This buffer tube is made of 7075-T7 aluminum and provides a 10.5″ length of pull. It has a hexagonal shape which is said to increase the strength of the tube when compared to standard round tubes. The Universal Mini Stock slips over the end of the buffer tube. It is made of 6061-T6 aluminum.

    Phase 5 Kits

    As you might guess, the┬áRifle Mini Stock Assembly is designed around a rifle length buffer tube. It comes with all of the standard parts, but specific to the longer tube length. This HexOne tube is also made of 7075-T7 aluminum. It provides a 13″ length of pull.

    According to the company, the stocks and buffer tubes are machined by Phase 5 using aluminum sourced from within the United States. Additionally, the company states that the parts are made with machinery built within the United States. These kits sell for $129.99.

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