Strike Industries ALUMINUM Ultimate Dust Cover (UDC)

    Strike Industries has released a new AR-15 dust cover made of aluminum. It looks similar to their polymer Ultimate Dust Cover (UDC). Besides being made of a different material, the Aluminum UDC also features noise reduction padding (patent pending) on the outer surface which virtually eliminates the sound of the opening dust cover hitting the receiver. Watch this:

    The Aluminum UDC also has an adjustable detent plunger and quick installation possibility. It has a CED (Cathode Electrode Deposition) coating which gives it a unique look and makes more robust. Strike Industries notes, that although it should be compatible with a variety of upper and lower receiver, there is a possibility of having noise reduction function problems if not used with milspec receivers.

    The Aluminum UDC weighs 0.4 oz. It is available through Strike Industries website at $18.95.

    Strike Industries product development is amazing. They manage to incorporate useful features in parts that don’t seem to be possible to innovate. Needless to say that this feature is useful indeed. From military and law enforcement to home defense and hunting, the possibility to charge the weapon or do a press check quietly (and without doing acrobatic tricks with your fingers trying to support the opening dust cover) is a good feature, hands down.

    Hrachya H

    Managing Editor

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