Strike Industries Ring Sights For PS/P90 Are Now Available!

    Strike Industries has just released a series of integrated Ring Sights for the FN Herstal PS90 civilian rifle, and P90 submachine gun. There are four different versions, each one different from another in terms of power options, reticles, and back up power configurations. Strike claims that the largest advantage over going with a proprietary integrated sighting option over a Picatinny mounted sight is that the ring sights will allow a shooter to gain a more natural and better cheek weld than with a Picatinny mounted version that will raise the sight up. In addition, the integrated solution is drop tested to NATO standards and should theoretically be slightly more rugged than a Picatinny solution because it is actually integrated into the submachine gun/rifle. All models are secured to the submachine gun/rifle via replacing the standard factory sights or the Picatinny rail that comes installed. To adjust these sights, a user has to mechanically adjust the entire sight in its place, rather than any individual clicks through some sort of turret. All the models also come with their appropriate mounting hardware.

    Ring Sight is a British company that has been making sights for a wide variety of small arms since the 1970s. The company was initially chosen to design a sight for the FN Herstal P90 in the early stages of development, later on in time equipping the subsequent production models. Strike is allowing customers to buy the sights individually, in the United States.

    Black Reticule, Green Illuminated Dot, Battery powered

    This model retails for $369.95, certainly the highest in price of the four, features a battery powered option with a black day reticule and a green illuminated dot in the center. The green dot can be turned on/off or increased/decreased via push buttons on the left side of the sight.

    Green Fiber Optic Green Dot, Polymer Housing

    Unlike the first model, this one uses a fiber optic to power a green dot, while also being encased in a polymer housing. It retails for $199.95.

    Green ILU Aluminium Housing, Green Fiber Optic with Back Up Battery Illumination, Green Center Dot

    Housed in an aluminum casing, this model has back up battery illumination if the fiber optic fails. It retails for $325.95. This is also the smallest of the four.

    Black Reticule Secret Service Mode

    This model is NVG compatible and retails for $299.95.


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