How NOT to mount your Aimpoint

    The advert from a chain of firearms dealer started with the words: “A new Drilling package will be launched tomorrow” (translated).

    You can see a picture of an Antonio Zoli Drilling combination gun and an Aimpoint H-1 Micro red dot.

    Unfortunately whoever mounted the Aimpoint Micro got it all wrong, and reversed the direction of the sight. That is never going to work as intended.

    I don’t know which date “tomorrow” is, but “tomorrow” would give them time to correct the direction which the Aimpoint sight was mounted.

     Full picture of the advert.

    Source to original picture / advertisement: HERE. Since writing this article, they have now changed the pictures – well done!

    If you have more examples of embarrassing bloopers and errors in the firearms industry like this, please keep the comments section busy below with pictures and stories.

    Eric B

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