StG-44 Found While Repairing a Roof in Poland

    Remember a few years back when an StG-44 was turned in at a gun buy back in Los Angeles, CA? The person got a whopping $200 gift card for it. An StG-44 was also turned in at a gun buy back in Hartford, Connecticut too. That story had a happy ending however, the officers in Hartford knew the historical significance (and high value) of the rifle and allowed the owner to keep it and sell it instead.

    Recently the Facebook page The Ghosts of the Eastern Front posted pictures¬†of an StG-44 that was discovered under a roof in Poland while doing repairs. The repairs were done because some rotten boards looked like they were about to come crashing down at any time. When workers started renovations the boards actually did just that, and in the dust they made the discovery. The rifle was wrapped in rags when it was discovered. After doing some Googling it appears this actually happened back in 2013. Be right back, I’m checking my attic for Tommy Gun.

    Check out the video of them unwrapping the StG-44:

    Another interesting bit is this history lesson from the article:

    The Sturmgewehr 44 rifle was copied by the Russians and is known in modified form as AK47 Kalashnikov.

    I guess that settles that debate.

    It even came with mags and ammo!

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