StG-44 Turned Into CA Buyback for $200 Gift Card

    The City of Los Angeles recently held a gun buy back where over 800 firearms were collected in exchange for grocery gift cards or pre-paid Visa cards. So what’s so newsworthy about that. Oh just that a Sturmgewehr 44 was turned in for a gift card. Yes, a $30,000+ piece of history was exchanged for a gift card. This isn’t even the first time an StG-44 was turned into a gun buy back, it happened in¬†Hartford, Connecticut last year as well. At least those police officers were kind enough to tell the owner the real value of the WWII rifle they had in their possession and let them sell it instead.¬†Hopefully the StG-44 in LA was donated to a museum or something, I doubt it however. I wonder how many others are out there sitting in someones attic somewhere.

    Ray I.

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