American Legacy Firearms GAMBLER Revolver and Poker Set

    If you are a fan of the American Old West history and firearms, then you must like this incredible Gambler set by American Legacy Firearms. It consists of an engraved stainless steel Ruger Vaquero chambered in .45 Long Colt, dice, playing cards, poker chips and a 5oz flask.

    This kind of travel boxes were used in Old West and they often included a hidden firearm compartment. It was a good idea to have a concealed revolver or derringer when gambling in Old West.

    The revolver also features birdshead grips. On one side of the barrel, it is engraved “THE FIFTH ACE” which is how the gamblers used to refer to the hidden gun. The left side of the barrel has engraved “THE DEAD MAN’S HAND” with the famous two-pair poker hand consisting of two aces and two eights (more commonly seen with the clubs and spades). It was the hand that famous Old West character Wild Bill Hickok had when he was murdered in 1876.

    The box of this set features leather covered corners and brass locks. The interior is covered with red velvet. Each compartment is shaped to snugly fit the items placed into it to prevent rattling. The engraving on the flask can be personalized with phrase or sentence of the customer’s choice.

    The price for this Gambler’s set is $2,495 on American Legacy Firearms’ website.

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