The .260 KIOTE – Creedmoor Killer?

    Not being a reloader, long range shooter or straight up ammo/ballistics nerd, I may be missing the full significance of this round. In development my Kiote Rifles (Ki’ote), the details are being held close to the chest. However with a bullet length equal  the cartridge length, I was intrigued even as a “factory-box” bullet buyer.

    Using up to a 140gr projectile, the makers of the prototype Kiote round say that the case has a greater capacity than the .260 Creedmoor and others while pushing 2800 feet per second. Although, as I am reminded by Nathaniel F., feeding the steep-walled cartridge into a chamber could be challenging.

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    .260 KioTe – KI’OTE RIFLES


    Our newest ammo development project: the .260 Ki’ote. A necked up magnum case using a 120-140gr 6.5 projectile that yields greater case capacity than the Creedmore. .260, 6BR & others. Estimated velocities of 2650-2800fps with BC’s in excess of 0.600.


    What makes the perfect rifle? Everyone has their own idea. But what everyone agrees on is that it must be exactly what the shooter needs and it must perform with precision. Every time you pull the trigger.

    Here at Ki`ote Rifles, we live and breath these standards. Every day begins and ends with building rifles that outperform all others. And we do it at a price everyone can afford. It’s not about the money. Or the fame. It’s about the reputation. Not only our reputation. But your reputation. We’ve gone from the underdog to alpha dog based on reputation. Run with the pack. Order a Ki`ote Rifle today.



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