The Steyr AUG from Clawgear Switzerland

    I know Clawgear from Switzerland (and Austria actually) only for their clothes as I have a few shirts and shorts from them with very good quality.

    I was rather surprised as I realized they also make accessories for firearms, and they seem rather good at it.

    They have specialized in accessories for the Steyr AUG but also make compensators that will fit various firearms depending on threading. They also make some optics mounts for the AK platform as well as the SG550.

    They Clawgear Steyr AUG.

    Detailed picture of the fore-end.

    And vertica. The parts blend in rather well onto the AUG.

    Various compensators (muzzle brakes).

    AUG M-LOK and KEYMOD HANDGUARDs -Brings enhanced control and Magpul‘s M-LOK mounting platform to the Steyr AUG. Made of anodized aluminium. (Mil-8625-F type III, class II) for €230.

    QD Sling swivel for they Steyr AUG.

    Rails for both Keymod and MLok.

    AUG MODULAR SCOPE MOUNT. Enhanced scope cover made of fiber-reinforced polymer to be mounted on Steyr AUG platform with the standard 1,5x optics. Including flip-up covers. Side rails available optionally. Must be rather good value for your money at €130?

    Clawgear have some well made installations videos online. Here’s an example.

    Steyr AUG Handguard – Installation Guide Tutorial


    You can check the full offering from Clawgear at:

    Eric B

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