Aimpoint Officially Introduces the CompM5 Sight

    aimpoint compm5

    Aimpoint recently announce the introduction of its latest red dot optic: the CompM5. While the new sight was not exactly a secret (see prior information on the sight here and here,) it is now fully in the public with specifications and the ability for consumers to order one up.

    At its most basic, this is a red dot style, non-magnifying optic that is powered by a single AAA battery. Part of the existing Comp line of sights, this one is the most compact of the bunch and weighs just over 5 ounces.

    aimpoint compm5

    The aiming dot is list as 2 MOA and is night vision compatible. There are 10 brightness settings: four NV and six daylight. On a single AAA battery, the red dot can be powered for up to 5 years on position 7 (a daylight brightness) or more than 10 years at any of the NV settings. The unit can run on both lithium and alkaline batteries.

    According to Aimpoint, the CompM5 is designed for professional users. It has an operating temperature range of -49˚ F to 160˚ F. It is submersible to 45 meters and is resistant to shock, vibration and chemicals.

    Aimpoint states the optic is non-magnifying (1x) with a +/- of 3%. The CompM5 is designed to work with the Aimpoint 3xMag-1 and 6xMag-1 magnifiers.

    Larry Vickers has an overview on the new sight:

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