TFB EXCLUSIVE – Aimpoint Officially Discusses AAA Comp M5

    With internet rumors and clandestine photographs trickling through the internet, firearms optic giant Aimpoint is ready to officially announce the existence of a T2 sized red dot that operates on a single AAA battery. Currently labeled with a numeric designation, Aimpoint also acknowledges that the AAA Comp M5 is currently in use by Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) units around the world.

    Although official specifications are still a little guarded, the micro red dot’s headline feature is the ability to remain in a ‘constant on’ state at medium brightness for a period of five years without the need for a lithium battery replacement. In addition, the M5 will be submersible to a depth of 147 feet and will be extremely shock resistant.

    So, do you want one? Yeah, me too. Unfortunately, Aimpoint will only be producing the Comp M5 for DSS until contract is filled. They estimate consumer availability sometime in the middle of 2018. Which means you only have to wait a year.

    I hope to provide you with an updated story with additional pictures and details as we are allowed to do so. Even though Aimpoint is acknowledging that the M5 is being manufactured and is in the wild (literally), the program and contract is still a sensitive topic – obviously competitors would like a closer look from all angles.

    Aimpoint AAA Comp M5

    AAA Comp M5 Aimpoint

    I would like to take a second to thank the management team at Aimpoint. When we approached them almost exactly a year ago with knowledge of the Comp M5, they graciously agreed to give TFB advance notice of the eventual public announcement. But that didn’t stop me from badgering them almost weekly for updates. So, I’m sorry and thank you.

    More details to come when we are allowed to share them with you all.

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