Haenel Defense RS8 and RS9 Sniper Rifle video

    C.G. Haenel from Suhl in Germany have released a short video about the RS8 and RS9 sniper rifles, called “The Impact of Precision“.

    The Haenel RS8 is available in .308 Win. and the Haenel RS9 is available in .338 Lapua Magnum.

    My personal favorite remains the RS8 Subsonic, with an integrated suppressor. If you have tried .308 Win subsonic, like the Lapuas for instance, then you know why. It’s a very quiet system, no need for hearing protection. Just a hush and the bolt action.

     Below: Note the size of the suppressor.

    The pistol grip fits with the M4/AR15 interface. Note the Atlas bipod and monopod.

    The approved B&T suppressor for the RS8/9, monobloc construction and weighs only about 580 grams.

    Steiner optics.

    Below: The German G29 in .338 Lapua Magnum, B&T suppressor and Steiner M5Xi 5 – 25 optics.For more details check out TFB’s previous article. Looks like a RS8 Compact behind, considerably shorter.

    Below: Sniper and spotter with over-flying fighter jets. It’s all fun until you have to carry a system like this over a longer distance, and end up doing nothing but spotting.

    YouTube: The impact of precision – HAENEL RS8/9

    You can find more information from Haenel’s homepage: http://www.cg-haenel.de/defence-en/products/bolt-action-precision-rifle/rs9/

    The precision rifle RS9 (Rifle System 9) is the most powerful variant of the Haenel RS-family. The rifle is used from Special Forces of the police and is fitted with the calibre .338 Lapua Magnum. The rifle has been introduced to the German army as sniper rifle G29 on average ranges.

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