TFBTV: Arex Rex Zero 1 Pistol Mini-Documentary

    In this episode of TFBTV, James is reporting from Slovenia. Slovenian gun company, Arex, invited TFBTV to tour the Arex factory, where it manufactures virtually every single component of the Rex Zero 1 in house, including the hammer-forged barrels, anodized aluminum frames, and hand assembled chassis. Arex subjects the Rex Zero 1 to rigorous quality control and proofing. James, a rabid classic German 22-series fan, as well as many other TFBTV viewers, has been under the impression that the Rex Zero 1 is a cheap imitator of the Sig 22-series. Arex invited James to test his beliefs, and James then learned that his preconceived notions about this pistol were incorrect. James takes you to the range with Arex to shoot every model of the Rex Zero 1, and then behind the scenes at the factory to see how they are made. Does this video change your opinion too? Is the Rex Zero 1 everything that the Sig is at half the price? Watch and make your own conclusions.

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