POTD: MAC-11 Briefcase

    NFASales.com is selling a transferable Mac-11 in .380 acp and it comes with a working briefcase. We all know of the H&K briefcase for the MP5K well there is one for the MAC-11. It is not quite the same as the H&K briefcase though. The H&K briefcase uses a modified claw mount to hold onto the MP5K receiver whereas the Mac-11 is held in with a custom molded interior and velcro straps. The H&K Briefcase has a metal shroud that protects the inside of the case,

    The MAC-11 case does not have the metal shroud but it is suppressor compatible.


    One major difference is ow the guns are fired while inside the briefcase. The H&K briefcase has a trigger built into a fixed handle with an integrated safety. The MAC-11 briefcase has a large pivoting bar and is actuated underneath the brief case. Which requires the shooter to use two hands. In the video above you saw the shooter cradled the briefcase under his arm to shoot it. This is a bit more stable than shooting the H&K Briefcase one handed. Although most people with H&K Briefcases tend to shoot them sideways and braced against their stomach. Also their support hand can hold onto the bottom of the case and control the briefcase while firing.

    I am not sure what the hole is for next to the actuator bar. One aspect I like about the H&K Briefcase is that it has a trigger safety on the handle. There does not seem to be safety for the MAC-11 Briefcase.


    In case you are interested, NFASales is selling this MAC-11 and briefcase for $7575.