POTD: MAC-10 In The Portuguese Air Force

    I have no idea what’s going on in this image – for all I know the Portuguese Air Force is trolling the entire world. Originally posted on the PAF Facebook page in early August, I came across it on TFB reader ‘Southwood’s’ (@southwood_) Twitter feed. The picture obviously depicts a line of PAF enlisted staff possibly getting ready for inspection. While the men (senior airmen) are carrying G3 battle rifles, the woman (Technical Seargeant) is carrying a MAC-10 sub machine gun.

    I know of helicopter pilots packing MP5Ks as PDWs. But the use of MAC-10s in the modern military world is a new one for me. If there is anyone out there with additional information, please speak up.

    From the Portuguese Air Force Wikipedia page:

    The Portuguese Air Force was formed on July 1, 1952, when the former Aeronáutica Militar (Army Aviation) and Aviação Naval (Naval Aviation) were united and formed an independent air branch of the Armed Forces.

    However, the remote origins of the FAP go back to the early 20th century, with the establishment of the first military air unit in 1911, of the Military Aeronautics School in 1914, of the participation of Portuguese pilots in the World War I and of establishment of the Army and Navy aviation services.