Khyber Pass Sig P320 – Tribal Area Gun Markets

    It is absolutely amazing what can be made with some low tech machinery, raw materials and years of experience. Having built a few AKs of my own, I know first hand the difficulty of building a gun from a parts kit. However taking metal, wood, and now apparently polymer, and making a functioning pistol is true craftsmanship. YouTube user ‘ABKTheReal’ uploaded a series of short videos from the Tribal Region of Pakistan that includes a polymer Khyber Pass Sig P320 or P250.

    Unfortunately, we don’t get a great view of the pistol, but ABK did provide some insight about the gun’s origins. Obviously, AKs are also available as well.

    ABKTheReal – YouTube:

    Khyber AKs go for a minimum of 12-14K PKR ($120-$140 USD). The pistols go for 18K PKR minimum ($180 USD). The gunsmiths tell me that the polymers came fro Dara or from China. Dara does make a tonne of polymer products there days and they are pretty good quality. I am guessing that the polymers come from China and they just mold whatever they want with them.

    Pakistan Tribal Area Gun Markets

    Published on Aug 28, 2017

    Visit to the FATA tribal areas close to Afghanistan and along the Khyber Pass. These guns were all manufactured here. They have copies of Type 2 & 3 AKs, AKMs, AMD65s, AK103s, AK74Ms, AKS74Us, local designs & numerous pistol copies including; Sig Sauers, Berettas And Glocks. Dont visit without a guide!

    Test Firing A Khyber Pass Sig Sauer In Pakistans Tribal Areas

    Gun-Shop Guy Firing A 9x19mm Sig Sauer P250 Or A P320 Copy In The Tribal Areas. Pretty Nice Copy But Needed A Little Refinement.

    Dirty Pakistani Khyber Pass TT33 Tokarev

    This is a Pakistani ‘Khyber Pass’, KPK/FATA Made TT33. It Has Had Lightening Cuts Added And Also Has A 14 Round Magazine Capacity. This Is A Quick Overall View, The Quality Is Good Enough But These Guns Definitely Need To Be Cleaned Regularly To Avoid Rusting.


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