Plastic-Fantastic as CAA’s CEO Mikey Hartman plays himself in a funny video about what to call the Micro Roni.

    Is it Maaaac-arooni...or Micro-Roni?

    After this video I’ll never be able to tell the difference, and I’ll end up stuttering as I try to remember.

    And I’ll probably imagine that I see flying macaronis instead of brass next time I go out to the range.

    “CAA Headquartes – Macaroni or Micro Roni? That Is The Question…”

    The Advanced Micro Roni kit is about €540 and you can find more details here:

    The Micro RONI® is the newest compact addition for a pistol carbine conversion kit. The light and sturdy platform for your various glocks and pistols is made of aluminum with a polymer body. The Micro RONI features a folding mechanism for a sturdier position and equipped with an adjustable nylon brace.

    → No pistol disassembly required – Just place pistol into the kit and lock
    → Equipped with a long Picatinny rail, allowing a combination of sight, magnifier, and/or night vision
    → Provides two extra Picatinny rails on both right and left for mounting additional accessories
    → Ambidextrous, easy and fast handling
    → Optional: Full-Auto ambidextrous cocking handle
    → Ambidextrous trigger-guard safety
    → Features a right-folding stock for easy concealment and carry
    → Right and left serrated thumb-rests for better control on recoil and muzzle-rise
    → Front extra magazine carrier for fast reload
    → Front integral tactical light (Optional)
    → Fits only Glock gen’ 3+4, including compensated models (17, OR 19)

    Eric B

    Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus. Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics, thermals and suppressors. TCCC Certified. Occasionaly seen in a 6×6 Bug Out Vehicle, always with a big smile.