The Heckler & Koch 2017 Promotional video

    It’s time to practice some German again. I haven’t been able to find an English version or any subtitles.

    On the other hand you wouldn’t want to watch a film about Heckler & Koch other than in the original language, would you?

    The video contains live fire from the new HK433, running suppressed.

    Below: The Heckler & Koch factory. Looks like there is not much place to grow, there are houses just door to door by the looks of it.

    The video takes us from the R&D office and manufacturing at HK in Oberndorf am Neckar, to the testing of the various firearms (from hunting to a fully automatic machine gun) and onwards in a kind of simulated purchase of a HK firearm.

    Below: Inside the factory, with production in CNC machines. The place looks very tidy. Quote reads:  “We build the best firearms in the World

    Utopia? Heckler & Koch firearms readily available for purchase. I’ve seen Franconia shops (German reseller) with similar displays, I just wonder who’s allowed to buy them?

    For the Full Heckler & Koch promotional video, please check below.


    To go to directly to the Heckler & Koch 433 action check this position, about 2 minutes into the video. This is followed by fully automatic machine guns.

    The 433s are using EOTechs and Aimpoint Micros (I think). The HK121, or MG5, is using an EOTech and the operator looks like as he’s got a really good day at work, as he empties a belt of 7,62 NATO.

    It looks like the hush hush is supplied by Swiss B&T. To my knowledge this is the first time the HK433 appears in a moving picture.

    Eric B

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