Crimson Trace Offers Laserguard Products for LCP II

    Crimson Trace LCP II

    Crimson Trace announced the company was now selling a pair of Laserguard products for the Ruger LCP II handgun. The new Laserguards are available with either a red laser or green laser.

    The red laser unit has the model number of LG-497 and a suggested retail price of $229. The green version is the LG-497G with a MSRP of $309.

    Crimson Trace is also offering kits with either of these Laserguards that also include pocket holsters. The holsters are synthetic rigs made by TUFF Products. The red version has a retail price of $239 while the green Laserguard and holster combo with retail for $329.

    As with many of the other Laserguard products, these units clamp around the trigger guard of the LCP II and place a pressure switch on the front strap of the grip. When a shooter has a firm grip on the pistol, the laser activates. When the shooter relaxes his grip, the laser turns off.

    On other guns I’ve tested, I’ve found these to be good supplemental aiming tools that are well built and handle lots of shooting without losing zero. With a small gun like the LCP II, I expect these will be quite popular.

    The LCP II is a popular update to the original LCP .380 ACP pistol. Previously, both Lasermax and Viridian have introduced laser aiming systems for the LCP II pistol.

    Richard Johnson

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