Ruger LCP II with Viridian Laser Now Available

    LCP II with laser

    It wasn’t all that long ago that Sturm, Ruger & Co. announced a sequel to its popular .380 pocket gun. The LCP II offered a number of changes from the original including a single action trigger, last round lock back and a new grip texture. I’ve tested both guns and while each has its place, I can understand why a lot of people prefer the LCP II.

    One of the ongoing problems with tiny pistols is their ability to put rounds on target. The smaller the gun, the tougher it is for someone to accurately shoot it – especially under stress. I’m not saying that small guns aren’t accurate – just that it is easier to shoot a full size gun. In an effort to improve accurate shooting, Ruger announcedĀ a new LCP IIĀ model that includes a Viridian E-Series red aiming laser.

    LCP II with laser

    The new gun is much the same as the base model, but with the laser module attached and a higher price tag. The laser attaches to the trigger guard of the LCP II and rides under the barrel. It has an activation switch on the side of the laser module. Total weight of the gun with the laser is 11.4 ounces, up from 10.6 ounces. It does not add any length to the package.

    The price tag is still reasonable at $439. This is an increase of $100. Considering the MSRP on the laser alone is $149, it would seem there is some savings in buying the two as a package from the outset.

    Richard Johnson

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