BREAKING: Ruger LCP II – Better Sights, Stippling & Trigger

    Ruger LCP II

    Ruger is upping the ante on their best-selling, carry pistol. The Ruger LCP II looks to silence all the critics with multiple improvements shooters have been requesting for quite some time.

    Although, there is a lot to be said for simplicity, which the original LCP definitely has, there will always be critics. What some of the critics of the LCP have said over the years is that the trigger needs improving. Ruger attempted this in the LCP Custom model, but some consumers were still left wanting more. The LCP II now features a single-action trigger pull which should be a vast improvement from the former double-action trigger.

    Ruger LCP IIThe LCP II also has a new grip panel design reminiscent of the larger Ruger American pistol. The stippling on these panels is a lot more aggressive in its texturing, similar to the Springfield XD Mod.2 or some Sig Sauer pistols. Between the larger surfaces and updated texturing, it should offer a more ample and secure grip.

    The Ruger LCP II also went to work on its sights. With the original LCP, they are virtually non-existent. Now you have sizable sights to work with, but they are still small enough to hopefully go in and out of a holster without snagging.

    Another obvious improvement are the slide serrations which are now cut deeper and wider for a more positive grip when racking the firearm. A smaller modification is the serrations to the front of the trigger guard. On the original LCP, there were no serrations on the trigger guard.

    Sturm, Ruger & Company boasted about the new LCP II in this way:

    Ruger is excited to introduce the best-in-class Ruger LCP II. The LCP II features a short, crisp, single-action trigger with inner trigger safety, improved sights for superior visibility, a larger grip surface for better distribution of recoil forces and an easy-to-rack slide with an improved slide stop mechanism with a last round hold-open. With its compact size (just 5.17″ long and 3.71″ tall), this new lightweight compact pistol comes with a pocket holster and is designed to fit a variety of holsters and concealed carry options. Weighing in at just 10.6 ounces and equipped to hold 6+1 rounds of powerful .380 Auto ammunition, the LCP II is the ideal back-up gun — compact and light enough that you never have to leave it at home.

    The full specification sheet can be viewed below.

    Ruger LCP II

    Ruger is fairly good about getting new products to market so hopefully this will hit store shelves soon. You should be seeing this in the neighborhood of $300 – $350.

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