Slovenian and Slovakian Gun Companies Developing Competition Pistols

    Slovenian Arex and Slovakian Grand Power have almost simultaneously announced that they are developing competition versions of their handguns. The Grand Power’s pistol is shown on the top image of this article. It is called X-Calibur Match. The Arex’s pistol is based on their Rex pistol design and it will be called Alpha (see the image below). Both pistols are in the prototyping stage.

    Maybe, the announcement of each of these pistols separately is not anything significant in the industry. If industry leaders release even slightly modified versions of their firearms, it becomes a really interesting information, because many people own the products of the top brands. In the case of these European companies, neither Arex nor Grand Power are industry leaders and the announced pistols are nothing completely new, but just competition versions of the existing models.

    However, the fact that they announced about developing competition pistols literally with a difference of several hours is the interesting part of the story. I assume the competition between two brands should be pretty high. That must be the reason why as soon as one of them announced about the new pistol the second one came with an immediate response revealing its own design. Probably, they just don’t want to let their potential customers to get attracted by the competitor. Now the “winner” should be one who manages to release its pistol to the market first.

    Hrachya H

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