Spuhr Trijicon MRO Patrol Cover

    For my Aimpoint Micros I use the Tango Down iO Cover. I’m not sure it’s needed for protection, but it looks better (and Tactical).

    For owners of the Trijicon MRO Patrol looking to protect their asset there is now a solution from Spuhr.

    As I’m sure you can see the cover pictured is mounted on a Trijicion MRO, not the Patrol. The cover fits the MRO, but will not stay on. It’s designed to fit (and stay on) the MRO Patrol.

    For €41.50 you get an ultra lightweight silicone rubber cover that fits around your MRO Patrol sight.

    Note that neither the Trijicon sight nor the Spuhr MRO mount is included in that price (we wish!)

    The cover prevents accidental and unwanted adjustment of the elevation and windage turrets.

    You can still access the turrets using a slotted screw driver (or similar tool), and there are clear “UP” and “R” (for windage) signs embossed in the rubber.

    I have never used a MRO Patrol, but since the turrets are kind of unprotected it does look like it’s possible to get unwanted adjustments. According to reliable sources it is easy to accidentally change the turrets.

    If you own a MRO Patrol, please let us know what your experience is in the comments below.

    The Spuhr part number is MROC and the weight is only 4.8 g or 0.17 oz.

    So far the only color available is Field Dark Earth (Yes, that’s what it’s called, but it could be a spelling mistake).

    Spuhr MRO Patrol cover (on a MRO).

    You can find the MRO Patrol cover in Spuhr’s webshop: http://spuhrwebshop.com/en/sm/trijicon/mroc.html
    For US customers Mile High Shooting and Quantico Tactical carry a lot of the Spuhr products.
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