POTD: HK91 And FAL Destroyed By Reloads

    My friends at TPM Outfitters posted this dramatic picture of a destroyed HK91 bolt head at the hands of some reloaded ammunition. The customer used the same reloads in an FAL, which not only destroyed the gun, but sent him to the hospital. TPM is repairing the 91 whereas it appears the FAL is headed to that big, beautiful range in the sky.

    Be careful everyone. And don’t shoot nameless reloads.

    This is why we do not recommend the use of non spec Reloaded ammunition in HK 91’s or any HK roller lock for that matter. This was from a customers HK91 that blew his mag well open and contained the blast but destroyed the chamber, bolt head and firing pin. No injuries but it’s not worth the risk unless you need or want facial surgery. The customer went on to use the same reloaded ammunition in his FN FAL and had to go to the hospital after it blew the FAL in half.

    TPM Outfitters