Venezuelan “TOR” SMG Chambered in .357 Magnum

    TOR (means fireball in one of the local languages) is a Venezuelan firearm designed by a gentleman named Fernan Altuve Febres. It was designed in 1995 and initially chambered in 5.6x36mm (a cartridge unknown to me). It was tested by Venezuelan paratroopers, tank and submarine crew members. Later on, there was a need to arm the LEOs with a compact and lightweight firearm that could offer sufficient stopping power and be something intermediate between a traditional SMG in 9mm and an assault rifle. That’s what made the designer to make a version of this firearm chambered in .357 Magnum.

    TOR SMG is gas operated. It feeds from 15 or 30 round magazines. It is also designed with the ease of manufacturing being an important criterion. The gun consists of less than 30 parts. TOR SMG weighs 2.8 kg (6lb 3 oz) and has the following dimensions: L720mm (28.3”) x H160mm (6.3”) x W40mm (1.6”). The original version has a barrel length of 13”. However, the designer is planning to introduce it to the US civilian market with a 16.5” barrel to qualify as a rifle. The barrels feature polygonal rifling. There will also be a version chambered in 9x19mm.

    The TOR SMG is now in the patenting process in the USA. That’s the reason why the designer does not reveal any detailed images or drawings of the mechanism. The top image of this article is pretty much the only one that we can see right now.

    Pistol caliber carbines have always been popular partially because they share the same ammunition with the sidearm. That being said, I think if TOR is introduced to the US market, it could be a good modern alternative to the lever action rifles for wheel gun aficionados.

    Many thanks to Fernan Altuve Febres – the designer of TOR SMG for providing the information.

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