New Aftermarket Remington 700 Trigger Assembly

    Velocity Triggers

    Velocity Triggers announced a new drop in replacement for the Model 700 rifle made by Remington.

    The drop in trigger assembly is a user adjustable system that can be set by the shooter at any pull weight from two to four pounds. When it ships from Velocity Triggers, the assembly is set right down the middle at three pounds. Further adjustments allow the shooter to deal with overtravel and creep.

    Three different trigger/trigger faces will be available:

    • curved trigger with a plain (smooth) face
    • curved trigger with a serrated face
    • flat trigger with a serrated face

    All of the triggers will be offered in a variety of anodized colors including black, green, red and blue.

    According to Velocity Triggers, the company machines all of the major components of these assemblies in house. Both the trigger and sear are made of A2 tool steel and are heat treated. Additionally, the Robar NP3 finish is applied to the sear to help reduce friction. The triggers are treated with a DLC (diamond like coating) for extreme durability and reduced friction.

    The suggested retail price of these trigger assemblies is $120.

    This appears to be the first Model 700 trigger assembly offered by Velocity Triggers. The company was founded a few years ago, and it has been manufacturing drop in triggers for AR style rifles.

    Richard Johnson

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