Adjustable Cheek Rests by Kalix Teknik of Sweden

    Kalix Teknik is a Swedish company manufacturing adjustable cheek rests for classic/hunting style rifle stocks. They have solutions both for composite and wood stocks.

    The cheek riser model for the polymer stocks is called CR 1. It is compatible with over 90 rifle models. You can find the full list of these rifles on their website. There are also rifle model specific installation instructions available for download.

    These cheek risers are not drop-in accessories. You’ll need to drill holes in the stock in order to install them. The process is not that complicated, however, if you are not confident that you can do it yourself, you’d better take it to a gunsmith.

    Below is Kalix Teknik’s video showing the installation process of the CR 1 cheek rest.

    They also make a fixture called MFIX for quicker installation of the CR 1. That would probably be handy for a gunsmith who plans to install a large amount of these cheek rests. Here is how that fixture is used:

    The Kalix Teknik cheek riser for wooden stocks is called CR 2.

    It is different from the previous model and has a height adjustment mechanism that eliminates the need of a side knob. In order to adjust the height, you need to tilt the cheek piece thus unlocking it, then adjust the desired height and tilt it back to lock in place. Here is how it is done:

    To install this model, you’ll probably need to have much more advanced gunsmithing skills. The installation will at least require operations like cutting the part of the stock at the right pattern, inletting¬†the wood and installing the riser mechanism, refinishing the cut surfaces etc.

    I hope they have some built-in mechanism to prevent accidentally unlocking the CR 2 with your cheek when shouldering the rifle.

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