Boyds A17 Hardwood Replacement Stocks


    Boyds Gunstocks, Inc. now offers hardwood replacement stocks for the Savage Arms A17 rifles. These stocks come in a variety of colors and styles.

    The following styles are currently listed by the company:

    • classic
    • classic, left hand
    • featherweight thumbhole
    • featherweight thumbhole, left hand
    • prairie hunter
    • prairie hunter, left hand
    • pro varmint
    • varmint thumbhole
    • heritage
    • heritage, left hand
    • platinum
    • platinum, left hand

    Standard colors for these stocks include:

    • pepper
    • nutmeg
    • forest camo

    However, like all of the gunstocks made by Boyds, these can be further customized with your pick of select woods. For example, you can specify:

    • applejack
    • blackjack
    • royal
    • royal jacaranda
    • sky
    • walnut, standard grade
    • zombie hunter
    • blaze
    • coyote
    • prairie wind
    • sage
    • ripple sky
    • ripple forest camo
    • ripple timber
    • Claro X walnut
    • Circassian XX walnut
    • X maple
    • XX maple

    Boyds offers aftermarket stocks for a wide range of firearms, including the recently released stocks for the Mossberg Patriot and Remington 770 rifles. The company even makes stocks for the Benjamin Marauder line of air rifles.

    If you are not familiar with it, the Savage Arms A17 is a semi-automatic rimfire rifle chambered for the 17 HMR round. Other companies have introduced semi-automatic rifles for this round, but many have had problems with getting them to function both reliably and safely. Remington, for example, had to recall all of the Model 597 rifles from the market due to safety concerns. Understandably, there were a lot of complaints about the way Remington handled that situation.

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