Viking Solutions Adjustable Target Stand

    Target Stand

    Viking Solutions announced the company was now selling its newest adjustable target stand. The new stand system, called the Adjustable Target Stand, can be set as low as 41″ or as high as 58″. From a user supplied 2×4, you can then hang any number of different targets, plates or bags from it. This makes it good for all kinds of use: pistol, long range rifle, air gun or even archery.

    The frame is made of steel and has a powder coated finish for durability and corrosion resistance. The stand has pre punched holes that allow you to make height adjustments with relative ease. The base of the stand sides is wide enough to support a range of targets with no concern of the stand tipping over in normal condition. The wide base also helps to ensure the stand is steady on uneven ground.

    The stand has a suggested retail price of $39.99. I’ve not had a chance to test this product, but I am testing another of the company’s gong systems now. I found that it set up easily without a second person and has done well in the elements. With about three months in, the system has put up with nearly daily rain storms here in Florida, and other than impacts from projectiles, the stand looks good and is rock solid.

    Richard Johnson

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